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Creative Media

Our mission is to empower every 11-24-year-old in the UK to confidently navigate the media landscape. This involves equipping them with the skills to identify, interpret, and critically evaluate creative media content. In a world where media permeates every aspect of our lives, from phones to laptops to TV screens, understanding and engaging with media is more important than ever.

Hopereaching United offers dynamic and empowering digital media workshops for a diverse range of clients, including businesses, schools, individuals, and youth clubs. Whether you're looking to explore video, photography, or other digital media, our workshops and resources are designed to support your creative journey. Explore what we have to offer today!


In addition to our broader programmes, we also organise engaging media workshops tailored for children and young people. These workshops have been conducted across the UK and internationally.


Eric , Youth club coordinator

Running the media workshops at our youth club has been a game-changer. We've seen firsthand how impactful it's been, especially for those who might have otherwise been disengaged or felt left out. These workshops have provided a platform for young people to express themselves creatively and learn valuable skills they might not have had the opportunity to otherwise. Watching their confidence grow as they produce their own content and tell their stories has been incredibly rewarding. The media workshops have truly leveled the playing field and empowered all our members to participate in something meaningful and exciting.

Film Slate Marker

Our Filmmaking workshops are the ultimate hands-on crash course in crafting short dramatic films. Led by industry pros, young participants embark on an adventure, learning everything from start to finish in the art of filmmaking.

Camera Recording in the House

Our workshops are like diving headfirst into the exciting world of documentary filmmaking! Participants get to sharpen their research skills, nail those interview techniques, and dive into filming and editing. It's a complete journey through the production cycle, ending with a top-notch polished documentary film.

Break Dance

Participants dive into the world of creating their own vibrant video synced to a music track. From brainstorming ideas to capturing footage and fine-tuning it all in the editing suite, they'll experience every step of the production process, resulting in a polished final film.

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