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Our workshops provide young people with a hands-on experience in documentary filmmaking. They'll dive into every stage of the production process, from research and interview techniques to filming and editing, resulting in the creation of a polished documentary film.​Documentaries come in various forms, offering potential projects such as oral histories about local communities, creative promotional films for schools or organisations, investigative journalism about recent or historical events, or documentary portraits capturing unique stories and perspectives.


What packages do we offer?

We can customise the programme to suit your specific needs and age range. Typically, our workshops are tailored for creative minds aged 11-24. 


Modules/Short Sessions: Dive into our bite-sized sessions, where each focuses on a specific aspect of the script-to-screen process. Alternatively, immerse yourself in a series of half-day sessions, with separate segments dedicated to scripting, filming, and editing. We have a flexible approach allows for diverse shooting locations and fits seamlessly into your schedule! 


Full Day Workshop:Join us for an all-encompassing full-day workshop, where participants bring their ideas to life within a single school day. Working collaboratively in small groups, they script, shoot, and edit their own short film, turning their vision into reality.


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Skills Gained 

Research and investigation 

Young people learn to conduct thorough research on their chosen topics, gathering relevant information and sources

Interview techniques 

They develop effective interviewing skills, including preparing questions, conducting interviews, and capturing compelling narratives.



Students learn to craft engaging narratives that effectively convey their chosen message or theme to the audience.



Critical thinking 

Participants critically evaluate their own work and that of others, analysing the effectiveness of storytelling techniques and the impact of their documentaries on the audience.



Film-making Techniques 

Through hands-on experience, they acquire technical skills in camera operation, lighting, sound recording, and editing, essential for producing high-quality documentaries.

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Here's what you need to know 

What level of experience is needed?

Absolutely! No experience required, just bring your creativity and an open mind. We'll handle the rest!

This Documentary workshop seamlessly blend with English and Media Studies skills, offering an enriching learning experience. However, their application extends to various subjects. We've conducted documentary projects covering local history, PSHE topics, science investigations, and beyond. As a discovery-based factual medium, documentaries are inherently flexible, enabling students to delve into facts and ideas across the curriculum.

How does this fit into the national curriculum?

What equipment will be used?

It varies depending on the project and age group, but we'll supply all the equipment you need (except for your phones). Depending on your group's needs, they may use our professional production kit or our classic entry-level kit.

Another fantastic option is to film with mobile phones and edit using free software. This allows participants to keep honing their skills even after the workshop ends! Filming on phones is great for capturing adventures, creating funny videos with friends, or even making mini-movies. Our team will guide the young people on capturing the best shots and unleashing their creativity!

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