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Short Films 

This workshop is designed to ignite imaginations and nurture budding filmmakers. Under the expert guidance of industry professionals, participants dive into the entire production process – from brainstorming and scripting to performing, filming (including mastering lighting and sound), and independently editing their scenes.

What Packages do we offer?

We can customise the programme to suit your specific needs and age range. Typically, our workshops are tailored for creative minds aged 11-24.

Modules/Short Sessions:

Dive into our bite-sized sessions, where each focuses on a specific aspect of the script-to-screen process. Alternatively, immerse yourself in a series of half-day sessions, with separate segments dedicated to scripting, filming, and editing. We have a flexible approach allows for diverse shooting locations and fits seamlessly into your schedule!


Full Day Workshop:

Join us for an all-encompassing full-day workshop, where participants bring their ideas to life within a single school day. Working collaboratively in small groups, they script, shoot, and edit their own short film, turning their vision into reality.

Short Film Examples


Photography Light

Skills Gained 

Narrative Crafting:

Participants learn to craft engaging storylines, developing characters and plot arcs that grip audiences.

Scriptwriting Mastery:

Dive into the art of writing compelling scripts, honing skills in dialogue, pacing, and structure to breathe life into stories on screen.

Cinematic Techniques:

Explore the fundamentals of filmmaking, from understanding camera angles and composition to creating visually captivating storytelling



Creative Problem-Solving:

 Encounter challenges throughout the production process and develop the ability to adapt, innovate, and find imaginative solutions to bring their creative visions to fruition.



Collaboration and


 Through hands-on activities, participants work collaboratively in small groups, honing communication skills and contributing their strengths to achieve shared objectives.

Alexa, 15

“I never thought I could make a film, but this workshop showed me that all you need is creativity and a little guidance. The mentors were awesome and really patient. I loved seeing my ideas come to life on screen!"

Euan, 17

"Before the workshop, I was just a guy who liked watching movies. Now, I can say I've made one! The hands-on experience was incredible, and I learned so much about storytelling, filming, and editing. This experience has definitely inspired me to pursue filmmaking in the future."

Mr. Thompson, Media Arts Teacher

"The film workshop was a transformative experience for my students. It provided them with a practical, immersive learning environment that traditional classroom settings often can't. Watching my students grow in their creativity and technical skills over the course of the workshop was incredibly rewarding. They learned not just about filmmaking, but about teamwork, problem-solving, and expressing their unique voices. This workshop has definitely ignited a passion for storytelling in many of them, and I look forward to seeing where this takes them in their future"
White Branch
Image by AbsolutVision

Here's what you need to know 

What level of experience is needed?

Absolutely! No experience required, just bring your creativity and an open mind. We'll handle the rest!

The short fils workshops provide an ideal platform for honing performance skills cultivated in English and drama, as well as gaining proficiency in ICT or media studies.

In our workshops, you're the director of your own film! Whether you're passionate about history, languages, or any other topic, we encourage you to explore your creative ideas and bring them to life on screen.

And hey, if you're feeling adventurous, why not develop a script in another language? Our workshops cater to foreign language classes too, making learning a whole lot more exciting.

This hands-on approach isn't just about making movies; it's about nurturing creativity, sharpening critical thinking, and refining communication skills. It's an enriching journey that enhances your overall learning experience.

How does this fit into the national curriculum?

What equipment will be used?

It varies depending on the project and age group, but we'll supply all the equipment you need (except for your phones). Depending on your group's needs, they may use our professional production kit or our classic entry-level kit.

Another fantastic option is to film with mobile phones and edit using free software. This allows participants to keep honing their skills even after the workshop ends! Filming on phones is great for capturing adventures, creating funny videos with friends, or even making mini-movies. Our team will guide the young people on capturing the best shots and unleashing their creativity!

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