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Aspire Mentoring for primary school children

Children aged 5-11 years can access Aspire Mentoring services through their school or children’s social care.

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Our Aspire Mentoring Team carefully matches each child with an Aspire Mentor based on their preferences, interests, and location. Aspire Mentors are dedicated to identifying the child’s needs and nurturing their skills, confidence, and competencies to support reengagement.

During sessions, the Aspire Mentor establishes rapport with the child and introduces one-to-one creative activities. These sessions are hands-on, using various art forms such as film, drama, music, poetry, photography, and storytelling. Through these activities, children explore their surroundings safely, acquire new skills, communicate effectively, and address personal and emotional issues from a creative perspective.

Although Aspire Mentoring typically occurs in school settings for primary-aged children, sessions can also be arranged in alternative locations where the child feels most comfortable, such as arts venues, residential homes, or alternative provision settings.

By conducting sessions in schools, children can develop positive associations and experiences within the educational environment, boosting their confidence and readiness to fully engage. We have observed remarkable outcomes, including children reintegrating into classes on a full-time basis, building stable peer relationships, and enhancing their learning.

Hopereaching United offers Aspire Mentoring as a commissioned service on a case-by-case basis using Pupil Premium Plus or wider social care support funding. We also provide fully and part-funded opportunities for those children who do not have access to additional funding.

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